Jacques Cornet
Beavers lost again

there were some poor calls, and Wazzou came to play. The first half was close, actually both halves were close. In the second half, Wazzou pulled ahead by like 5 points and kept it there. Plus OSU didn’t make free throws in key moments.

They still don’t run much of an offense, unfortunately. They still manage to get a few open looks by virtue of movement but it’s not very tight movement and none are closer than the three point line. Almost every entry pass looks like it could be a turnover. Especially because Collier can barely control his body lol he got flagella for limbs.

I hope Coach Robinson doesn’t get fired though. He’s a decent coach and a decent recruiter, but I feel like we need that permanence. It’s been a few bugs this year (I predicted less than 9 conference wins and they’re 1-6 atm). Personally I just don’t wanna have to go through a transitional period because for a couple years OSU is gonna be a tomato can and I don’t wanna watch that shit.

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